Source code for panel.command.convert

import argparse
import json
import pathlib
import time

from bokeh.command.subcommand import Argument, Subcommand

from import convert_apps

[docs]class Convert(Subcommand): ''' Subcommand to convert Panel application to some build target, e.g. pyodide or pyscript. ''' #: name for this subcommand name = "convert" help = "Convert a Panel App to another format, e.g. a HTML file." args = ( ('files', Argument( metavar = 'DIRECTORY-OR-SCRIPT', nargs = '*', help = "The app directories or scripts to serve (serve empty document if not specified)", default = None, )), ('--to', dict( action = 'store', type = str, help = "The format to convert to, one of 'pyodide' (default), 'pyodide-worker' or 'pyscript'", default = 'pyodide' )), ('--compiled', dict( default = False, action = 'store_false', help = "Whether to use the compiled and faster version of Pyodide." )), ('--out', dict( action = 'store', type = str, help = "The directory to write the file to.", )), ('--title', dict( action = 'store', type = str, help = "A custom title for the application(s).", )), ('--skip-embed', dict( action = 'store_true', help = "Whether to skip embedding pre-rendered content in the converted file to display content while app is loading.", )), ('--index', dict( action = 'store_true', help = "Whether to create an index if multiple files are served.", )), ('--pwa', dict( action = 'store_true', help = "Whether to add files to serve applications as a Progressive Web App.", )), ('--requirements', dict( nargs = '+', help = ( "Explicit requirements to add to the converted file, a single requirements.txt file or a " "JSON file containing requirements per app. By default requirements are inferred from the code." ) )), ('--disable-http-patch', dict( default = False, action = 'store_false', help = "Whether to disable patching http requests using the pyodide-http library." )), ('--watch', dict( action = 'store_true', help = "Watch the files" )), ('--num-procs', dict( action = 'store', type = int, default = 1, help = "The number of processes to start in parallel to convert the apps." )), ) _targets = ('pyscript', 'pyodide', 'pyodide-worker')
[docs] def invoke(self, args: argparse.Namespace) -> None: runtime = if runtime not in self._targets: raise ValueError(f'Supported conversion targets include: {self._targets!r}') requirements = args.requirements or 'auto' if ( isinstance(requirements, list) and len(requirements) == 1 and pathlib.Path(requirements[0]).is_file() ): req = requirements[0] if req.endswith('.txt'): requirements = requirements[0] elif req.endswith('.json'): with open(req, encoding='utf-8') as req_file: requirements = json.load(req_file) prev_hashes = {} built = False while True: hashes = {f: hash(open(f).read()) for f in args.files} if hashes == prev_hashes: time.sleep(0.5) continue files = [f for f, h in hashes.items() if prev_hashes.get(f) != h] index = args.index and not built try: convert_apps( files, dest_path=args.out, runtime=runtime, requirements=requirements, prerender=not args.skip_embed, build_index=index, build_pwa=args.pwa, title=args.title, max_workers=args.num_procs, http_patch=not args.disable_http_patch, compiled=args.compiled, verbose=True ) except KeyboardInterrupt: print("Aborted while building docs.") break built = True prev_hashes = hashes if not return