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Defines a BrowserInfo component exposing the browser window and
navigator APIs.
from __future__ import annotations

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, ClassVar, Mapping

import param  # type: ignore

from ..models.browser import BrowserInfo as _BkBrowserInfo
from ..reactive import Syncable
from .document import create_doc_if_none_exists
from .state import state

    from bokeh.document import Document
    from bokeh.model import Model
    from pyviz_comms import Comm

[docs]class BrowserInfo(Syncable): """ The Location component can be made available in a server context to provide read and write access to the URL components in the browser. """ dark_mode = param.Boolean(default=None, doc=""" Whether the user prefers dark mode.""") device_pixel_ratio = param.Number(default=None, doc=""" Provides the ratio of the resolution in physical pixels to the resolution in CSS pixels for the current display device.""") language = param.String(default=None, doc=""" The preferred language of the user, usually the language of the browser UI.""") timezone = param.String(default=None, doc=""" The timezone configured as the local timezone of the user.""") timezone_offset = param.Number(default=None, doc=""" The time offset from UTC in minutes.""") webdriver = param.Boolean(default=None, doc=""" Indicates whether the user agent is controlled by automation.""") # Mapping from parameter name to bokeh model property name _rename: ClassVar[Mapping[str, str | None]] = {"name": None} def _get_model( self, doc: Document, root: Model | None = None, parent: Model | None = None, comm: Comm | None = None ) -> Model: model = _BkBrowserInfo() root = root or model self._models[root.ref['id']] = (model, parent) self._link_props(model, self._linked_properties, doc, root, comm) return model
[docs] def get_root( self, doc: Document | None = None, comm: Comm | None = None, preprocess: bool = True ) -> 'Model': doc = create_doc_if_none_exists(doc) root = self._get_model(doc, comm=comm) ref = root.ref['id'] state._views[ref] = (self, root, doc, comm) self._documents[doc] = root return root
def _cleanup(self, root: Model | None = None) -> None: if root: if root.document in self._documents: del self._documents[root.document] ref = root.ref['id'] else: ref = None super()._cleanup(root) if ref in state._views: del state._views[ref]