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from __future__ import annotations

import concurrent.futures
import dataclasses
import os
import pathlib
import uuid

from typing import (
    IO, Any, Dict, List,

import bokeh

from bokeh.application.application import Application, SessionContext
from bokeh.application.handlers.code import CodeHandler
from bokeh.core.json_encoder import serialize_json
from bokeh.core.templates import MACROS, get_env
from bokeh.document import Document
from bokeh.embed.elements import script_for_render_items
from bokeh.embed.util import RenderItem, standalone_docs_json_and_render_items
from bokeh.embed.wrappers import wrap_in_script_tag
from bokeh.util.serialization import make_id
from typing_extensions import Literal

from .. import __version__, config
from ..util import base_version, escape
from .loading import LOADING_INDICATOR_CSS_CLASS
from .markdown import build_single_handler_application
from .mime_render import find_imports
from .resources import (
    _env as _pn_env, bundle_resources, loading_css, set_resource_mode,
from .state import set_curdoc, state

PWA_MANIFEST_TEMPLATE = _pn_env.get_template('site.webmanifest')
SERVICE_WORKER_TEMPLATE = _pn_env.get_template('serviceWorker.js')
WEB_WORKER_TEMPLATE = _pn_env.get_template('pyodide_worker.js')
WORKER_HANDLER_TEMPLATE  = _pn_env.get_template('pyodide_handler.js')

PANEL_ROOT = pathlib.Path(__file__).parent.parent
BOKEH_VERSION = base_version(bokeh.__version__)
PY_VERSION = base_version(__version__)
PANEL_LOCAL_WHL = DIST_DIR / 'wheels' / f'panel-{__version__.replace("-dirty", "")}-py3-none-any.whl'
BOKEH_LOCAL_WHL = DIST_DIR / 'wheels' / f'bokeh-{BOKEH_VERSION}-py3-none-any.whl'
PANEL_CDN_WHL = f'{CDN_DIST}wheels/panel-{PY_VERSION}-py3-none-any.whl'
BOKEH_CDN_WHL = f'{CDN_DIST}wheels/bokeh-{BOKEH_VERSION}-py3-none-any.whl'
PYSCRIPT_CSS = '<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />'
PYSCRIPT_JS = '<script defer src=""></script>'
PYODIDE_JS = f'<script src="{PYODIDE_URL}"></script>'


ICON_DIR = DIST_DIR / 'images'
    ICON_DIR / 'favicon.ico',
    ICON_DIR / 'icon-vector.svg',
    ICON_DIR / 'icon-32x32.png',
    ICON_DIR / 'icon-192x192.png',
    ICON_DIR / 'icon-512x512.png',
    ICON_DIR / 'apple-touch-icon.png',
    ICON_DIR / 'index_background.png'

Runtimes = Literal['pyodide', 'pyscript', 'pyodide-worker']

PRE = """
import asyncio

from import init_doc, write_doc


POST = """
await write_doc()"""


<script type="text/javascript">
async function main() {
  let pyodide = await loadPyodide();
  await pyodide.loadPackage("micropip");
  await pyodide.runPythonAsync(`
    import micropip
    await micropip.install([{{ env_spec }}]);
  code = `{{ code }}`
  await pyodide.runPythonAsync(code);

<script type="text/javascript">
if ('serviceWorker' in navigator) {
  navigator.serviceWorker.register('./serviceWorker.js').then(reg => {
    reg.onupdatefound = () => {
      const installingWorker = reg.installing;
      installingWorker.onstatechange = () => {
        if (installingWorker.state === 'installed' &&
            navigator.serviceWorker.controller) {
          // Reload page if service worker is replaced

[docs]@dataclasses.dataclass class Request: headers : dict cookies : dict arguments : dict
[docs]class MockSessionContext(SessionContext): def __init__(self, *args, document=None, **kwargs): self._document = document super().__init__(*args, server_context=None, session_id=None, **kwargs)
[docs] def with_locked_document(self, *args): return
@property def destroyed(self) -> bool: return False @property def request(self): return Request(headers={}, cookies={}, arguments={})
def make_index(files, title=None, manifest=True): if manifest: manifest = 'site.webmanifest' favicon = 'images/favicon.ico' apple_icon = 'images/apple-touch-icon.png' else: manifest = favicon = apple_icon = None items = {label: './'+os.path.basename(f) for label, f in sorted(files.items())} return INDEX_TEMPLATE.render( items=items, manifest=manifest, apple_icon=apple_icon, favicon=favicon, title=title, PANEL_CDN=CDN_DIST ) def build_pwa_manifest(files, title=None, **kwargs): if len(files) > 1: title = title or 'Panel Applications' path = 'index.html' else: title = title or 'Panel Applications' path = list(files.values())[0] return PWA_MANIFEST_TEMPLATE.render( name=title, path=path, **kwargs )
[docs]def script_to_html( filename: str | os.PathLike | IO, requirements: Literal['auto'] | List[str] = 'auto', js_resources: Literal['auto'] | List[str] = 'auto', css_resources: Literal['auto'] | List[str] | None = None, runtime: Runtimes = 'pyodide', prerender: bool = True, panel_version: Literal['auto', 'local'] | str = 'auto', manifest: str | None = None, http_patch: bool = True, inline: bool = False ) -> str: """ Converts a Panel or Bokeh script to a standalone WASM Python application. Arguments --------- filename: str | Path | IO The filename of the Panel/Bokeh application to convert. requirements: 'auto' | List[str] The list of requirements to include (in addition to Panel). js_resources: 'auto' | List[str] The list of JS resources to include in the exported HTML. css_resources: 'auto' | List[str] | None The list of CSS resources to include in the exported HTML. runtime: 'pyodide' | 'pyscript' The runtime to use for running Python in the browser. prerender: bool Whether to pre-render the components so the page loads. panel_version: 'auto' | str The panel release version to use in the exported HTML. http_patch: bool Whether to patch the HTTP request stack with the pyodide-http library to allow urllib3 and requests to work. inline: bool Whether to inline resources. """ # Run script if hasattr(filename, 'read'): handler = CodeHandler(, filename='') app_name = f'app-{str(uuid.uuid4())}' app = Application(handler) else: path = pathlib.Path(filename) app_name = '.'.join('.')[:-1]) app = build_single_handler_application(str(path.absolute())) document = Document() document._session_context = lambda: MockSessionContext(document=document) with set_curdoc(document): app.initialize_document(document) state._on_load(None) source = app._handlers[0]._runner.source if not document.roots: raise RuntimeError( f'The file {filename} does not publish any Panel contents. ' 'Ensure you have marked items as servable or added models to ' 'the bokeh document manually.' ) if requirements == 'auto': requirements = find_imports(source) elif isinstance(requirements, str) and pathlib.Path(requirements).is_file(): requirements = pathlib.Path(requirements).read_text(encoding='utf-8').split('/n') try: from packaging.requirements import Requirement requirements = [ r2 for r in requirements if (r2 := r.split("#")[0].strip()) and Requirement(r2) ] except Exception as e: raise ValueError( f'Requirements parser raised following error: {e}' ) # Environment if panel_version == 'local': panel_req = './' + str(PANEL_LOCAL_WHL.as_posix()).split('/')[-1] bokeh_req = './' + str(BOKEH_LOCAL_WHL.as_posix()).split('/')[-1] elif panel_version == 'auto': panel_req = PANEL_CDN_WHL bokeh_req = BOKEH_CDN_WHL else: panel_req = f'panel=={panel_version}' bokeh_req = f'bokeh=={BOKEH_VERSION}' base_reqs = ['markdown-it-py<3', bokeh_req, panel_req] if http_patch: base_reqs.append('pyodide-http==0.2.1') reqs = base_reqs + [ req for req in requirements if req not in ('panel', 'bokeh') ] for name, min_version in MINIMUM_VERSIONS.items(): if any(name in req for req in reqs): reqs = [f'{name}>={min_version}' if name in req else req for req in reqs] # Execution post_code = POST_PYSCRIPT if runtime == 'pyscript' else POST code = '\n'.join([PRE, source, post_code]) web_worker = None if css_resources is None: css_resources = [] if runtime == 'pyscript': if js_resources == 'auto': js_resources = [PYSCRIPT_JS] css_resources = [] if css_resources == 'auto': css_resources = [PYSCRIPT_CSS] pyenv = ','.join([repr(req) for req in reqs]) plot_script = f'<py-config>\npackages = [{pyenv}]\n</py-config>\n<py-script>{code}</py-script>' else: if css_resources == 'auto': css_resources = [] env_spec = ', '.join([repr(req) for req in reqs]) code = code.replace('`', '\`').replace('\\n', r'\\n') if runtime == 'pyodide-worker': if js_resources == 'auto': js_resources = [] worker_handler = WORKER_HANDLER_TEMPLATE.render({ 'name': app_name, 'loading_spinner': config.loading_spinner }) web_worker = WEB_WORKER_TEMPLATE.render({ 'PYODIDE_URL': PYODIDE_URL, 'env_spec': env_spec, 'code': code }) plot_script = wrap_in_script_tag(worker_handler) else: if js_resources == 'auto': js_resources = [PYODIDE_JS] script_template = _pn_env.from_string(PYODIDE_SCRIPT) plot_script = script_template.render({ 'env_spec': env_spec, 'code': code }) if prerender: json_id = make_id() docs_json, render_items = standalone_docs_json_and_render_items(document) render_item = render_items[0] json = escape(serialize_json(docs_json), quote=False) plot_script += wrap_in_script_tag(json, "application/json", json_id) plot_script += wrap_in_script_tag(script_for_render_items(json_id, render_items)) else: render_item = RenderItem( token = '', roots = document.roots, use_for_title = False ) render_items = [render_item] # Collect resources resources = Resources(mode='inline' if inline else 'cdn') loading_base = (DIST_DIR / "css" / "loading.css").read_text(encoding='utf-8') spinner_css = loading_css( config.loading_spinner, config.loading_color, config.loading_max_height ) css_resources.append( f'<style type="text/css">\n{loading_base}\n{spinner_css}\n</style>' ) with set_curdoc(document): bokeh_js, bokeh_css = bundle_resources(document.roots, resources) extra_js = [INIT_SERVICE_WORKER, bokeh_js] if manifest else [bokeh_js] bokeh_js = '\n'.join(js_resources+extra_js) bokeh_css = '\n'.join([bokeh_css]+css_resources) # Configure template template = document.template template_variables = document._template_variables context = template_variables.copy() context.update(dict( title=document.title, bokeh_js=bokeh_js, bokeh_css=bokeh_css, plot_script=plot_script, docs=render_items, base=BASE_TEMPLATE, macros=MACROS, doc=render_item, roots=render_item.roots, manifest=manifest, dist_url=CDN_DIST )) # Render if template is None: template = BASE_TEMPLATE elif isinstance(template, str): template = get_env().from_string("{% extends base %}\n" + template) html = template.render(context) html = (html .replace('<body>', f'<body class="{LOADING_INDICATOR_CSS_CLASS} pn-{config.loading_spinner}">') ) return html, web_worker
def convert_app( app: str | os.PathLike, dest_path: str | os.PathLike | None = None, requirements: List[str] | Literal['auto'] | os.PathLike = 'auto', runtime: Runtimes = 'pyodide-worker', prerender: bool = True, manifest: str | None = None, panel_version: Literal['auto', 'local'] | str = 'auto', http_patch: bool = True, inline: bool = False, verbose: bool = True, ): if dest_path is None: dest_path = pathlib.Path('./') elif not isinstance(dest_path, pathlib.PurePath): dest_path = pathlib.Path(dest_path) try: with set_resource_mode('inline' if inline else 'cdn'): html, js_worker = script_to_html( app, requirements=requirements, runtime=runtime, prerender=prerender, manifest=manifest, panel_version=panel_version, http_patch=http_patch, inline=inline ) except KeyboardInterrupt: return except Exception as e: print(f'Failed to convert {app} to {runtime} target: {e}') return name = '.'.join(os.path.basename(app).split('.')[:-1]) filename = f'{name}.html' with open(dest_path / filename, 'w', encoding="utf-8") as out: out.write(html) if runtime == 'pyodide-worker': with open(dest_path / f'{name}.js', 'w', encoding="utf-8") as out: out.write(js_worker) if verbose: print(f'Successfully converted {app} to {runtime} target and wrote output to {filename}.') return (name.replace('_', ' '), filename) def _convert_process_pool( apps: List[str], dest_path: str | None = None, max_workers: int = 4, requirements: List[str] | Literal['auto'] | os.PathLike = 'auto', **kwargs ): import multiprocessing as mp from concurrent.futures import ProcessPoolExecutor files = {} groups = [apps[i:i+max_workers] for i in range(0, len(apps), max_workers)] for group in groups: with ProcessPoolExecutor( max_workers=max_workers, mp_context=mp.get_context('spawn') ) as executor: futures = [] for app in group: if isinstance(requirements, dict): app_requires = requirements.get(app, 'auto') else: app_requires = requirements f = executor.submit( convert_app, app, dest_path, requirements=app_requires, **kwargs ) futures.append(f) for future in concurrent.futures.as_completed(futures): result = future.result() if result is not None: name, filename = result files[name] = filename return files
[docs]def convert_apps( apps: str | os.PathLike | List[str | os.PathLike], dest_path: str | os.PathLike | None = None, title: str | None = None, runtime: Runtimes = 'pyodide-worker', requirements: List[str] | Literal['auto'] | os.PathLike = 'auto', prerender: bool = True, build_index: bool = True, build_pwa: bool = True, pwa_config: Dict[Any, Any] = {}, max_workers: int = 4, panel_version: Literal['auto', 'local'] | str = 'auto', http_patch: bool = True, inline: bool = False, verbose: bool = True, ): """ Arguments --------- apps: str | List[str] The filename(s) of the Panel/Bokeh application(s) to convert. dest_path: str | pathlib.Path The directory to write the converted application(s) to. title: str | None A title for the application(s). Also used to generate unique name for the application cache to ensure. runtime: 'pyodide' | 'pyscript' | 'pyodide-worker' The runtime to use for running Python in the browser. requirements: 'auto' | List[str] | os.PathLike | Dict[str, 'auto' | List[str] | os.PathLike] The list of requirements to include (in addition to Panel). By default automatically infers dependencies from imports in the application. May also provide path to a requirements.txt prerender: bool Whether to pre-render the components so the page loads. build_index: bool Whether to write an index page (if there are multiple apps). build_pwa: bool Whether to write files to define a progressive web app (PWA) including a manifest and a service worker that caches the application locally pwa_config: Dict[Any, Any] Configuration for the PWA including (see - display: Display options ('fullscreen', 'standalone', 'minimal-ui' 'browser') - orientation: Preferred orientation - background_color: The background color of the splash screen - theme_color: The theme color of the application max_workers: int The maximum number of parallel workers panel_version: 'auto' | 'local'] | str ' The panel version to include. http_patch: bool Whether to patch the HTTP request stack with the pyodide-http library to allow urllib3 and requests to work. inline: bool Whether to inline resources. """ if isinstance(apps, str): apps = [apps] if dest_path is None: dest_path = pathlib.Path('./') elif not isinstance(dest_path, pathlib.PurePath): dest_path = pathlib.Path(dest_path) dest_path.mkdir(parents=True, exist_ok=True) manifest = 'site.webmanifest' if build_pwa else None if isinstance(requirements, dict): app_requirements = {} for app in apps: matches = [ deps for name, deps in requirements.items() if app.endswith(name.replace(os.path.sep, '/')) ] app_requirements[app] = matches[0] if matches else 'auto' else: app_requirements = requirements kwargs = { 'requirements': app_requirements, 'runtime': runtime, 'prerender': prerender, 'manifest': manifest, 'panel_version': panel_version, 'http_patch': http_patch, 'inline': inline, 'verbose': verbose } if state._is_pyodide: files = dict((convert_app(app, dest_path, **kwargs) for app in apps)) else: files = _convert_process_pool( apps, dest_path, max_workers=max_workers, **kwargs ) if build_index and len(files) >= 1: index = make_index(files, manifest=build_pwa, title=title) with open(dest_path / 'index.html', 'w') as f: f.write(index) if verbose: print('Successfully wrote index.html.') if not build_pwa: return # Write icons imgs_path = (dest_path / 'images') imgs_path.mkdir(exist_ok=True) img_rel = [] for img in PWA_IMAGES: with open(imgs_path /, 'wb') as f: f.write(img.read_bytes()) img_rel.append(f'images/{}') if verbose: print('Successfully wrote icons and images.') # Write manifest manifest = build_pwa_manifest(files, title=title, **pwa_config) with open(dest_path / 'site.webmanifest', 'w', encoding="utf-8") as f: f.write(manifest) if verbose: print('Successfully wrote site.manifest.') # Write service worker worker = SERVICE_WORKER_TEMPLATE.render( uuid=uuid.uuid4().hex, name=title or 'Panel Pyodide App', pre_cache=', '.join([repr(p) for p in img_rel]) ) with open(dest_path / 'serviceWorker.js', 'w', encoding="utf-8") as f: f.write(worker) if verbose: print('Successfully wrote serviceWorker.js.')