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from tornado import web

from .document import _cleanup_doc

[docs]class LivenessHandler(web.RequestHandler):
[docs] def initialize(self, applications): self.applications = applications
async def get(self): endpoint = self.get_argument("endpoint", default=None) self.set_header('Content-Type', 'application/json') if endpoint is not None and endpoint not in self.applications: raise web.HTTPError(400, f"Endpoint {endpoint!r} does not exist.") elif endpoint is None: self.write({self.request.path: True}) return app = self.applications[endpoint] try: doc = app.create_document() _cleanup_doc(doc) self.write({endpoint: True}) except Exception as e: raise web.HTTPError( 500, f"Endpoint {endpoint!r} could not be served. Application raised error: {e}" )