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Utilities for manipulating bokeh models.
from __future__ import annotations

import textwrap

from contextlib import contextmanager
from typing import (
    TYPE_CHECKING, Any, List, Iterable, Optional
from typing_extensions import Literal

import numpy as np

from bokeh.document import Document
from import (
    ColumnDataChangedEvent, DocumentPatchedEvent, ModelChangedEvent
from bokeh.model import DataModel
from bokeh.models import Box, ColumnDataSource, Model
from bokeh.protocol import Protocol

from .state import state

    from bokeh.core.enums import HoldPolicyType
    from import DocumentChangedEvent
    from bokeh.protocol.message import Message
    from pyviz_comms import Comm

# Private API

[docs]class comparable_array(np.ndarray): """ Array subclass that allows comparisons. """ def __eq__(self, other: Any) -> bool: return super().__eq__(other).all().item() def __ne__(self, other: Any) -> bool: return super().__ne__(other).all().item()
[docs]def monkeypatch_events(events: List['DocumentChangedEvent']) -> None: """ Patch events applies patches to events that are to be dispatched avoiding various issues in Bokeh. """ for e in events: # Patch ColumnDataChangedEvents which reference non-existing columns if isinstance(getattr(e, 'hint', None), ColumnDataChangedEvent): e.hint.cols = None # type: ignore # Patch ModelChangedEvents which change an array property (see elif (isinstance(e, ModelChangedEvent) and isinstance(e.model, DataModel) and isinstance(, np.ndarray)): new_array = comparable_array(,, = new_array e.serializable_new = new_array
#--------------------------------------------------------------------- # Public API #---------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs]def diff( doc: 'Document', binary: bool = True, events: Optional[List['DocumentChangedEvent']] = None ) -> Message[Any] | None: """ Returns a json diff required to update an existing plot with the latest plot data. """ if events is None: events = list(doc.callbacks._held_events) if not events or state._hold: return None patch_events = [event for event in events if isinstance(event, DocumentPatchedEvent)] monkeypatch_events(events) msg_type: Literal["PATCH-DOC"] = "PATCH-DOC" msg = Protocol().create(msg_type, patch_events, use_buffers=binary) doc.callbacks._held_events = [e for e in doc.callbacks._held_events if e not in events] return msg
[docs]def remove_root(obj: 'Model', replace: Optional['Document'] = None) -> None: """ Removes the document from any previously displayed bokeh object """ for model in{'type': Model}): prev_doc = model.document model._document = None if prev_doc: prev_doc.remove_root(model) if replace: model._document = replace
[docs]def add_to_doc(obj: 'Model', doc: 'Document', hold: bool = False): """ Adds a model to the supplied Document removing it from any existing Documents. """ # Add new root remove_root(obj) doc.add_root(obj) if doc.callbacks.hold_value is None and hold: doc.hold()
@contextmanager def hold(doc: 'Document', policy: 'HoldPolicyType' = 'combine', comm: Optional['Comm'] = None): held = doc.callbacks.hold_value try: if policy is None: doc.unhold() else: doc.hold(policy) yield finally: if held: doc.callbacks._hold = held else: if comm is not None: from .notebook import push push(doc, comm) doc.unhold()
[docs]def patch_cds_msg(model, msg): """ Required for handling messages containing JSON serialized typed array from the frontend. """ for event in msg.get('content', {}).get('events', []): if event.get('kind') != 'ModelChanged' or event.get('attr') != 'data': continue cds = model.select_one({'id': event.get('model').get('id')}) if not isinstance(cds, ColumnDataSource): continue for col, values in event.get('new', {}).items(): if isinstance(values, dict): event['new'][col] = [v for _, v in sorted(values.items())]
_DEFAULT_IGNORED_REPR = frozenset(['children', 'text', 'name', 'toolbar', 'renderers', 'below', 'center', 'left', 'right'])
[docs]def bokeh_repr(obj: 'Model', depth: int = 0, ignored: Optional[Iterable[str]] = None) -> str: """ Returns a string repr for a bokeh model, useful for recreating panel objects using pure bokeh. """ if ignored is None: ignored = _DEFAULT_IGNORED_REPR from ..viewable import Viewable if isinstance(obj, Viewable): obj = obj.get_root(Document()) r = "" cls = type(obj).__name__ properties = sorted(obj.properties_with_values(include_defaults=False).items()) props = [] for k, v in properties: if k in ignored: continue if isinstance(v, Model): v = '%s()' % type(v).__name__ else: v = repr(v) if len(v) > 30: v = v[:30] + '...' props.append('%s=%s' % (k, v)) props_repr = ', '.join(props) if isinstance(obj, Box): r += '{cls}(children=[\n'.format(cls=cls) for obj in obj.children: # type: ignore r += textwrap.indent(bokeh_repr(obj, depth=depth+1) + ',\n', ' ') r += '], %s)' % props_repr else: r += '{cls}({props})'.format(cls=cls, props=props_repr) return r