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from __future__ import annotations

import logging

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING

from bokeh.document import Document
from bokeh.server.contexts import BokehSessionContext, _RequestProxy
from bokeh.server.session import ServerSession
from bokeh.settings import settings
from bokeh.util.token import generate_jwt_token, generate_session_id

    from import DocumentPatchedEvent
    from bokeh.server.callbacks import SessionCallback

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class ServerSessionStub(ServerSession): """ Stubs out ServerSession methods since the session is only used for warming up the cache. """ def _document_patched(self, event: DocumentPatchedEvent) -> None: return def _session_callback_added(self, event: SessionCallback): return def _session_callback_removed(self, event): return
def generate_session(application, request=None, payload=None, initialize=True): secret_key = settings.secret_key_bytes() sign_sessions = settings.sign_sessions() session_id = generate_session_id( secret_key=secret_key, signed=sign_sessions ) payload = payload or {} token = generate_jwt_token( session_id, secret_key=secret_key, signed=sign_sessions, extra_payload=payload ) doc = Document() session_context = BokehSessionContext( session_id, None, doc ) session_context._request = _RequestProxy( request, arguments=payload.get('arguments'), cookies=payload.get('cookies'), headers=payload.get('headers') ) session_context._token = token doc._session_context = lambda: session_context if initialize: application.initialize_document(doc) # We have to unset any session callbacks so bokeh does not attempt # to schedule them on the event loop callbacks = doc.callbacks._session_callbacks doc.callbacks._session_callbacks = set() session = ServerSessionStub(session_id, doc, io_loop=None, token=token) doc.callbacks._session_callbacks = callbacks return session