Source code for panel.layout.card

from __future__ import annotations

from typing import (
    TYPE_CHECKING, Callable, ClassVar, List, Mapping, Type,

import param

from import CDN_DIST
from ..models import Card as BkCard
from .base import Column, Row

    from bokeh.model import Model

    from ..viewable import Viewable

[docs]class Card(Column): """ A `Card` layout allows arranging multiple panel objects in a collapsible, vertical container with a header bar. Reference: :Example: >>> pn.Card( ... some_widget, some_pane, some_python_object, ... title='Card', styles=dict(background='WhiteSmoke'), ... ) """ active_header_background = param.String(doc=""" A valid CSS color for the header background when not collapsed.""") button_css_classes = param.List(default=['card-button'], doc=""" CSS classes to apply to the button element.""") collapsible = param.Boolean(default=True, doc=""" Whether the Card should be expandable and collapsible.""") collapsed = param.Boolean(default=False, doc=""" Whether the contents of the Card are collapsed.""") css_classes = param.List(default=['card'], doc=""" CSS classes to apply to the overall Card.""") header = param.Parameter(doc=""" A Panel component to display in the header bar of the Card. Will override the given title if defined.""") header_background = param.String(doc=""" A valid CSS color for the header background.""") header_color = param.String(doc=""" A valid CSS color to apply to the header text.""") header_css_classes = param.List(default=['card-header'], doc=""" CSS classes to apply to the header element.""") hide_header = param.Boolean(default=False, doc=""" Whether to skip rendering the header.""") title_css_classes = param.List(default=['card-title'], doc=""" CSS classes to apply to the header title.""") title = param.String(doc=""" A title to be displayed in the Card header, will be overridden by the header if defined.""") _bokeh_model: ClassVar[Type[Model]] = BkCard _rename: ClassVar[Mapping[str, str | None]] = { 'title': None, 'header': None, 'title_css_classes': None } _stylesheets: ClassVar[List[str]] = [ f'{CDN_DIST}css/card.css' ] def __init__(self, *objects, **params): self._header_layout = Row(css_classes=['card-header-row'], sizing_mode='stretch_width') super().__init__(*objects, **params) self._header = None, ['title', 'header', 'title_css_classes']) self._update_header()
[docs] def select( self, selector: type | Callable[[Viewable], bool] | None = None ) -> List[Viewable]: return + super().select(selector)
def _cleanup(self, root: Model | None = None) -> None: super()._cleanup(root) self._header_layout._cleanup(root) def _update_header(self, *events): from ..pane import HTML, panel if self.header is None: params = { 'object': f'<h3>{self.title}</h3>' if self.title else "&#8203;", 'css_classes': self.title_css_classes, 'margin': (5, 0), } if self.header_color: params['styles'] = {'color': self.header_color} if self._header is not None: self._header.param.update(**params) return else: self._header = item = HTML(**params) else: item = panel(self.header) self._header = None self._header_layout[:] = [item] def _get_objects(self, model, old_objects, doc, root, comm=None): ref = root.ref['id'] models, old_models = super()._get_objects(model, old_objects, doc, root, comm) if ref in self._header_layout._models: header = self._header_layout._models[ref][0] old_models.append(header) else: header = self._header_layout._get_model(doc, root, model, comm) return [header]+models, old_models def _compute_sizing_mode(self, children, props): return super()._compute_sizing_mode(children[1:], props)