Source code for panel.layout.float

from __future__ import annotations

from typing import ClassVar, List

import param

from ..config import config as pn_config
from import CDN_DIST, bundled_files
from ..reactive import ReactiveHTML
from ..util import classproperty
from .base import ListLike



[docs]class FloatPanel(ListLike, ReactiveHTML): """ Float provides a floating panel layout. """ config = param.Dict({}, doc=""" Additional jsPanel configuration with precedence over parameter values.""") contained = param.Boolean(default=True, doc=""" Whether the component is contained within parent container or completely free floating.""") position = param.Selector(default='right-top', objects=POSITIONS, doc=""" The initial position if the container is free-floating.""") offsetx = param.Integer(default=None, bounds=(0, None), doc=""" Horizontal offset in pixels.""") offsety = param.Integer(default=None, bounds=(0, None), doc=""" Vertical offset in pixels.""") theme = param.String(default="primary", doc=""" The theme which can be one of: - Built-ins: 'default', 'primary', 'secondary', 'info', 'success', 'warning', 'danger', 'light', 'dark' and 'none' - HEX, RGB and HSL color values like '#123456' Any standardized color name like 'forestgreen' and color names from the Material Design Color System like 'purple900' - Additionally a theme string may include one of the modifiers 'filled', 'filledlight', 'filleddark' or 'fillcolor' separated from the theme color by a space like 'primary""") status = param.Selector(default="normalized", objects=STATUS, doc=""" The current status of the panel.""") _extension_name = 'floatpanel' _template = """ <div id="float" class="bk-root" style="padding:8px;padding-right:30px"> {% for obj in objects %} <div id="flex-item">${obj}</div> {% endfor %} </div> """ _rename = {'loading': None} _scripts = { "render": """ if (state.panel) { view.run_script('close') } var config = { headerTitle:, content: float, theme: data.theme, id: 'jsPanel', position: view.run_script('get_position'), contentSize: `${model.width} ${model.height}`, onstatuschange: function() { data.status = this.status }, onbeforeclose: function() { data.status = 'closed' return true }, } if (data.contained) { config.container = view.container } config = {...config,} state.panel = jsPanel.create(config); if (data.status !== 'normalized') { view.run_script('status') } """, "name": "state.panel.setHeaderTitle(", "status": """ var action = data.status.replace('ied', 'y').replace('d', '') if (action === 'close') { state.closed = true } else if (state.closed) { view.run_script('close') return } state.panel[action]() """, "close": "try { state.panel.close() } catch {}", "get_position": """ return { at: data.position, my: data.position, offsetX: data.offsetx, offsetY: data.offsety, } """, "reposition": """ if (data.contained) { view.run_script('contained') return } state.panel.reposition(view.run_script('get_position')); """, "contained": "delete state.panel; view.invalidate_render();", "theme": "state.panel.setTheme(data.theme)", "remove": "view.run_script('close'); state.panel = undefined;", "offsetx": "view.run_script('reposition')", "offsety": "view.run_script('reposition')", "position": "if (!data.contained) { view.run_script('reposition') }", } __css_raw__ = [f"{pn_config.npm_cdn}/jspanel4@4.12.0/dist/jspanel.css"] __javascript_raw__ = [ f"{pn_config.npm_cdn}/jspanel4@4.12.0/dist/jspanel.js", f"{pn_config.npm_cdn}/jspanel4@4.12.0/dist/extensions/modal/jspanel.modal.js", f"{pn_config.npm_cdn}/jspanel4@4.12.0/dist/extensions/tooltip/jspanel.tooltip.js", f"{pn_config.npm_cdn}/jspanel4@4.12.0/dist/extensions/hint/jspanel.hint.js", f"{pn_config.npm_cdn}/jspanel4@4.12.0/dist/extensions/layout/jspanel.layout.js", f"{pn_config.npm_cdn}/jspanel4@4.12.0/dist/extensions/contextmenu/jspanel.contextmenu.js", f"{pn_config.npm_cdn}/jspanel4@4.12.0/dist/extensions/dock/jspanel.dock.js", ] __js_require__ = { 'paths': { 'jspanel': f"{pn_config.npm_cdn}/jspanel4@4.12.0/dist/jspanel", 'jspanel-modal': f"{pn_config.npm_cdn}/jspanel4@4.12.0/dist/extensions/modal/jspanel.modal", 'jspanel-tooltip': f"{pn_config.npm_cdn}/jspanel4@4.12.0/dist/extensions/tooltip/jspanel.tooltip", 'jspanel-hint': f"{pn_config.npm_cdn}/jspanel4@4.12.0/dist/extensions/hint/jspanel.hint", 'jspanel-layout': f"{pn_config.npm_cdn}/jspanel4@4.12.0/dist/extensions/layout/jspanel.layout", 'jspanel-contextmenu': f"{pn_config.npm_cdn}/jspanel4@4.12.0/dist/extensions/contextmenu/jspanel.contextmenu", 'jspanel-dock': f"{pn_config.npm_cdn}/jspanel4@4.12.0/dist/extensions/dock/jspanel.dock", }, 'exports': { 'jspanel': 'jsPanel' }, 'shim': { 'jspanel': { 'exports': 'jsPanel' } } } _stylesheets: ClassVar[List[str]] = [ f'{CDN_DIST}css/floatpanel.css' ] @classproperty def __js_skip__(cls): return { 'jsPanel': cls.__javascript__, } @classproperty def __javascript__(cls): return bundled_files(cls) @classproperty def __css__(cls): return bundled_files(cls, 'css') def __init__(self, *objects, name='', **params): super().__init__(objects=list(objects), name=name, **params)
[docs] def select(self, selector=None): """ Iterates over the Viewable and any potential children in the applying the Selector. Arguments --------- selector: type or callable or None The selector allows selecting a subset of Viewables by declaring a type or callable function to filter by. Returns ------- viewables: list(Viewable) """ objects = super().select(selector) for obj in self: objects += return objects