Source code for panel.models.deckgl

"""Defines a custom DeckGLPlot to render DeckGL Plots

[]( is an awesome WebGL-powered framework for visual exploratory data
analysis of large datasets.

And now DeckGL provides Python bindings. See

- [DeckGL Docs](
- [PyDeck Repo](

from collections import OrderedDict

from import (
    Any, Bool, Dict, Either, Instance, Int, List, Override, String,
from bokeh.models import ColumnDataSource

from ..config import config
from import bundled_files
from ..util import classproperty
from .layout import HTMLBox

[docs]class DeckGLPlot(HTMLBox): """A Bokeh model that wraps around a DeckGL plot and renders it inside a HTMLBox""" __css_raw__ = [""] @classproperty def __css__(cls): return bundled_files(cls, 'css') __javascript_raw__ = [ f"{config.npm_cdn}/h3-js@3.7.2/dist/h3-js.umd.js", f"{config.npm_cdn}/", f"{config.npm_cdn}/", f"{config.npm_cdn}/", f"{config.npm_cdn}/", f"{config.npm_cdn}/", "", ] @classproperty def __javascript__(cls): return bundled_files(cls) @classproperty def __js_skip__(cls): return { 'deck': cls.__javascript__[:-1], 'mapboxgl': cls.__javascript__[-1:] } __js_require__ = { 'paths': OrderedDict([ ("h3", f"{config.npm_cdn}/h3-js@3.7.2/dist/h3-js.umd"), ("deck-gl", f"{config.npm_cdn}/"), ("deck-json", f"{config.npm_cdn}/"), ("loader-csv", f"{config.npm_cdn}/"), ("loader-json", f"{config.npm_cdn}/"), ("loader-tiles", f"{config.npm_cdn}/"), ("mapbox-gl", f"{config.npm_cdn}/mapbox-gl@2.6.1/dist/mapbox-gl.min"), ]), 'exports': {"deck-gl": "deck", "mapbox-gl": "mapboxgl", "h3": "h3"}, 'shim': { 'deck-json': {'deps': ["deck-gl"]}, 'deck-gl': {'deps': ["h3"]} } } data = Dict(String, Any) data_sources = List(Instance(ColumnDataSource)) initialViewState = Dict(String, Any) layers = List(Dict(String, Any)) mapbox_api_key = String() tooltip = Either(Bool, Dict(Any, Any), default=True) clickState = Dict(String, Any) hoverState = Dict(String, Any) viewState = Dict(String, Any) throttle = Dict(String, Int) height = Override(default=400) width = Override(default=600)