Source code for panel.models.markup

Custom bokeh Markup models.
from import (
    Bool, Dict, Either, Float, Int, List, Null, String,
from bokeh.models.widgets import Markup

[docs]class HTML(Markup): """ A bokeh model to render HTML markup including embedded script tags. """ events = Dict(String, List(String)) run_scripts = Bool(True, help="Whether to run scripts defined within the HTML")
[docs]class JSON(Markup): """ A bokeh model that renders JSON as tree. """ depth = Either(Int, Float, Null, default=1, help="Depth to which the JSON tree is expanded.") hover_preview = Bool(default=False, help="Whether to show a hover preview for collapsed nodes.") theme = String(default='dark', help="Whether to expand all JSON nodes.")
[docs]class PDF(Markup): embed = Bool(True, help="Whether to embed the file") start_page = Int(default=1, help="Start page of the pdf, by default the first page.")