Source code for panel.models.speech_to_text

"""Bokeh Model of the Panel SpeechToText widget"""
from import (
    Any, Bool, Dict, Int, List, String,
from bokeh.models.widgets.widget import Widget

[docs]class SpeechToText(Widget): """ Bokeh Model of the Panel SpeechToText widget Controls the speech recognition service. On some browsers, like Chrome, using Speech Recognition on a web page involves a server-based recognition engine. Your audio is sent to a web service for recognition processing, so it won't work offline. Wraps the HTML5 SpeechRecognition API. See """ start = Bool() stop = Bool() abort = Bool() grammars = List(Dict(String,Any)) lang = String() continuous = Bool() interim_results = Bool() max_alternatives = Int() service_uri = String() started = Bool() audio_started = Bool() sound_started = Bool() speech_started = Bool() button_type = String() button_hide = Bool() button_not_started = String() button_started = String() results = List(Dict(String, Any))