Source code for panel.models.vizzu

Defines custom VizzuChart bokeh model to render Vizzu charts.
from import (
    Any, Bool, Dict, Instance, Int, List, String,
from import ModelEvent
from bokeh.models import LayoutDOM
from bokeh.models.sources import DataSource

from ..config import config
from ..util import classproperty

[docs]class VizzuEvent(ModelEvent): event_name = 'vizzu_event' def __init__(self, model, data=None): = data super().__init__(model=model)
[docs]class VizzuChart(LayoutDOM): """ A Bokeh model that wraps around an Vizzu chart and renders it inside a Bokeh. """ __javascript_module_exports__ = ['Vizzu'] __javascript_modules__ = [ f"{config.npm_cdn}/vizzu@0.8.0/dist/vizzu.min.js" ] @classproperty def __js_skip__(cls): return { 'Vizzu': cls.__javascript__[0] } animation = Dict(String, Any) config = Dict(String, Any) columns = List(Dict(String, Any)) source = Instance(DataSource, help=""" Local data source to use when rendering glyphs on the plot. """) config = Dict(String, Any) duration = Int(500) style = Dict(String, Any) tooltip = Bool()