Source code for panel.template.bootstrap

Bootstrap template based on the bootstrap.css library.
from __future__ import annotations

import pathlib

from typing import ClassVar, Dict, List

import param

from ...theme import Design
from ...theme.bootstrap import Bootstrap
from ..base import BasicTemplate, TemplateActions

_ROOT = pathlib.Path(__file__).parent

[docs]class BootstrapTemplateActions(TemplateActions): _scripts: ClassVar[Dict[str, List[str] | str]] = { 'render': "state.modal = new bootstrap.Modal(document.getElementById('pn-Modal'))", 'open_modal': "", 'close_modal': "state.modal.hide()", }
[docs]class BootstrapTemplate(BasicTemplate): """ BootstrapTemplate """ design = param.ClassSelector(class_=Design, default=Bootstrap, is_instance=False, instantiate=False, doc=""" A Design applies a specific design system to a template.""") sidebar_width = param.Integer(default=350, doc=""" The width of the sidebar in pixels. Default is 350.""") _actions = param.ClassSelector(default=BootstrapTemplateActions(), class_=TemplateActions) _css = [_ROOT / "bootstrap.css"] _template = _ROOT / 'bootstrap.html' def _update_vars(self, *args) -> None: super()._update_vars(*args) design = self._render_variables['html_attrs'] = f'data-bs-theme="{design.theme._bs_theme}"'