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import pathlib

import param

from import state
from ..base import BasicTemplate
from ..react import ReactTemplate
from ..theme import THEMES, DefaultTheme

_ROOT = pathlib.Path(__file__).parent

[docs]class FastBaseTemplate(BasicTemplate): accent_base_color = param.String(default="#0072B5", doc=""" Optional body accent color override.""") background_color = param.String(doc=""" Optional body background color override.""") corner_radius = param.Integer(default=3, bounds=(0,25), doc=""" The corner radius applied to controls.""") font = param.String(doc=""" The font to use.""") font_url = param.String(doc=""" A font url to import.""") header_neutral_color = param.String(doc=""" Optional header neutral color override.""") header_accent_base_color = param.String(doc=""" Optional header accent color override.""") neutral_color = param.String(doc=""" Optional body neutral color override.""") theme_toggle = param.Boolean(default=True, doc=""" If True a switch to toggle the Theme is shown.""") shadow = param.Boolean(doc=""" Optional shadow override. Whether or not to apply shadow.""") sidebar_footer = param.String("", doc=""" A HTML string appended to the sidebar""") # Might be extended to accordion or tabs in the future main_layout = param.Selector(default="card", label="Layout", objects=["", "card"], doc=""" What to wrap the main components into. Options are '' (i.e. none) and 'card' (Default). Could be extended to Accordion, Tab etc. in the future.""") _css = [ _ROOT / "css/fast_root.css", _ROOT / "css/fast_bokeh.css", _ROOT / "css/fast_bokeh_slickgrid.css", _ROOT / "css/fast_panel.css", _ROOT / "css/fast_panel_dataframe.css", _ROOT / "css/fast_panel_widgets.css", _ROOT / "css/fast_panel_markdown.css", _ROOT / "css/fast_awesome.css" ] _js = _ROOT / "js/fast_template.js" _resources = { 'js_modules': { 'fast-colors': '', 'fast': '' }, 'bundle': False } __abstract = True def __init__(self, **params): query_theme = self._get_theme_from_query_args() if query_theme: params['theme'] = THEMES[query_theme] elif "theme" not in params: params['theme'] = DefaultTheme elif isinstance(params['theme'], str): params['theme'] = THEMES[params['theme']] if "accent" in params: accent = params.pop("accent") if not "accent_base_color" in params: params["accent_base_color"]=accent if not "header_background" in params: params["header_background"]=accent super().__init__(**params) theme = self._get_theme() if "background_color" not in params: self.background_color = if "accent_base_color" not in params: self.accent_base_color = if "header_color" not in params: self.header_color = if "header_accent_base_color" not in params: self.header_accent_base_color = if "header_background" not in params: self.header_background = if "neutral_color" not in params: self.neutral_color = if "header_neutral_color" not in params: self.header_neutral_color = if "corner_radius" not in params: self.corner_radius = if "font" not in params: self.font = if "font_url" not in params: self.font_url = if "shadow" not in params: self.shadow = @staticmethod def _get_theme_from_query_args(): theme_arg = state.session_args.get("theme", None) if not theme_arg: return theme_arg = theme_arg[0].decode("utf-8") return theme_arg.strip("'").strip('"') def _update_vars(self): super()._update_vars() style = self._get_theme().style style.background_color = self.background_color style.accent_base_color = self.accent_base_color style.header_color = self.header_color style.header_background = self.header_background style.header_accent_base_color = self.header_accent_base_color style.neutral_color = self.neutral_color style.header_neutral_color = self.header_neutral_color style.corner_radius = self.corner_radius style.font = self.font style.font_url = self.font_url style.shadow = self.shadow self._render_variables["style"] = style self._render_variables["theme_toggle"] = self.theme_toggle self._render_variables["theme"] = self.theme.__name__[:-5].lower() self._render_variables["sidebar_footer"] = self.sidebar_footer self._render_variables["main_layout"] = self.main_layout
[docs]class FastGridBaseTemplate(FastBaseTemplate, ReactTemplate): """ Combines the FastTemplate and the React template. """ _resources = dict(FastBaseTemplate._resources, js=ReactTemplate._resources['js']) __abstract = True