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The FastGridTemplate provides a grid layout based on React Grid
Layout similar to the Panel ReactTemplate but in the style
and enabling the use of Fast components.
import pathlib

from ..base import FastGridBaseTemplate

[docs]class FastGridTemplate(FastGridBaseTemplate): """ The `FastGridTemplate` is a grid based Template with a header, sidebar and main area. It is based on the style and works well in both default (light) and dark mode. Reference: Example: >>> template = pn.template.FastGridTemplate( ... site="Panel", title="FastGridTemplate", accent="#A01346", ... sidebar=[pn.pane.Markdown("## Settings"), some_slider], ... ).servable() >>> template.main[0:6,:] = some_python_object Some *accent* colors that work well are #A01346 (Fast), #00A170 (Mint), #DAA520 (Golden Rod), #2F4F4F (Dark Slate Grey), #F08080 (Light Coral) and #4099da (Summer Sky). Please note the `FastListTemplate` cannot display in a notebook output cell. """ _css = FastGridBaseTemplate._css + [ pathlib.Path(__file__).parent / "fast_grid_template.css" ] _template = pathlib.Path(__file__).parent / "fast_grid_template.html"