Source code for panel.util.checks

from __future__ import annotations

import datetime as dt
import os
import sys

from typing import Any, Iterable

import numpy as np
import param

__all__ = (

datetime_types = (np.datetime64, dt.datetime,

[docs]def isfile(path: str) -> bool: """Safe version of os.path.isfile robust to path length issues on Windows""" try: return os.path.isfile(path) except (TypeError, ValueError): # path too long for Windows return False
def isurl(obj: Any, formats: Iterable[str] | None = None) -> bool: if not isinstance(obj, str): return False lower_string = obj.lower().split('?')[0].split('#')[0] return ( lower_string.startswith('http://') or lower_string.startswith('https://') ) and (formats is None or any(lower_string.endswith('.'+fmt) for fmt in formats)) def is_dataframe(obj) -> bool: if 'pandas' not in sys.modules: return False import pandas as pd return isinstance(obj, pd.DataFrame) def is_series(obj) -> bool: if 'pandas' not in sys.modules: return False import pandas as pd return isinstance(obj, pd.Series)
[docs]def isIn(obj, objs): """ Checks if the object is in the list of objects safely. """ for o in objs: if o is obj: return True try: if o == obj: return True except Exception: pass return False
[docs]def is_parameterized(obj) -> bool: """ Whether an object is a Parameterized class or instance. """ return (isinstance(obj, param.Parameterized) or (isinstance(obj, type) and issubclass(obj, param.Parameterized)))
[docs]def is_holoviews(obj: Any) -> bool: """ Whether the object is a HoloViews type that can be rendered. """ if 'holoviews' not in sys.modules: return False from holoviews.core.dimension import Dimensioned from holoviews.plotting import Plot return isinstance(obj, (Dimensioned, Plot))
[docs]def isdatetime(value) -> bool: """ Whether the array or scalar is recognized datetime type. """ if is_series(value) and len(value): return isinstance(value.iloc[0], datetime_types) elif isinstance(value, np.ndarray): return ( value.dtype.kind == "M" or (value.dtype.kind == "O" and len(value) != 0 and isinstance(value[0], datetime_types)) ) elif isinstance(value, list): return all(isinstance(d, datetime_types) for d in value) else: return isinstance(value, datetime_types)
def is_number(s: Any) -> bool: try: float(s) return True except ValueError: return False