Source code for panel.widgets.codeeditor

Defines the CodeEditor widget based on Ace.
from __future__ import annotations

from typing import (
    TYPE_CHECKING, ClassVar, Mapping, Optional,

import param

from pyviz_comms import JupyterComm

from ..models.enums import ace_themes
from ..util import lazy_load
from ..util.warnings import deprecated
from .base import Widget

    from bokeh.document import Document
    from bokeh.model import Model
    from pyviz_comms import Comm

[docs]class CodeEditor(Widget): """ The CodeEditor widget allows displaying and editing code in the powerful Ace editor. Reference: :Example: >>> CodeEditor(value=py_code, language='python', theme='monokai') """ annotations = param.List(default=[], doc=""" List of annotations to add to the editor.""") filename = param.String(doc="Filename from which to deduce language") language = param.String(default='text', doc="Language of the editor") print_margin = param.Boolean(default=False, doc=""" Whether to show the a print margin.""") readonly = param.Boolean(default=False, doc=""" Define if editor content can be modified. Alias for disabled.""") theme = param.ObjectSelector(default="chrome", objects=list(ace_themes), doc="Theme of the editor") value = param.String(doc="State of the current code in the editor") _rename: ClassVar[Mapping[str, str | None]] = {"value": "code", "name": None} def __init__(self, **params): if 'readonly' in params: params['disabled'] = params['readonly'] elif 'disabled' in params: params['readonly'] = params['disabled'] super().__init__(**params) self._internal_callbacks.append(, ['disabled', 'readonly']) ) self.jslink(self, readonly='disabled', bidirectional=True) def _get_model( self, doc: Document, root: Optional[Model] = None, parent: Optional[Model] = None, comm: Optional[Comm] = None ) -> Model: if self._widget_type is None: self._widget_type = lazy_load( 'panel.models.ace', 'AcePlot', isinstance(comm, JupyterComm), root, ext='codeeditor' ) return super()._get_model(doc, root, parent, comm) def _update_disabled(self, *events: param.parameterized.Event): for event in events: if == 'disabled': self.readonly = elif == 'readonly': self.disabled =
[docs]class Ace(CodeEditor): def __init__(self, **params): deprecated("1.4", "Ace", "CodeEditor") super().__init__(**params)