panel.util Package#

util Package#

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Various general utilities used in the panel codebase.

class panel.util.LazyHTMLSanitizer(**kwargs)[source]#

Bases: object

Wraps bleach.sanitizer.Cleaner lazily importing it on the first call to the clean method.

panel.util.abbreviated_repr(value, max_length=25, natural_breaks=(',', ' '))[source]#

Returns an abbreviated repr for the supplied object. Attempts to find a natural break point while adhering to the maximum length.

panel.util.base_version(version: str) str[source]#

Extract the final release and if available pre-release (alpha, beta, release candidate) segments of a PEP440 version, defined with three components (major.minor.micro).

Useful to avoid nbsite/sphinx to display the documentation HTML title with a not so informative and rather ugly long version (e.g. 0.13.0a19.post4+g0695e214). Use it in

version = release = base_version(package.__version__)

Return the version passed as input if no match is found with the pattern.


Converts a datetime to a UTC timestamp used by Bokeh internally.

panel.util.decode_token(token: str, signed: bool = True) dict[str, Any][source]#

Decodes a signed or unsigned JWT token.


Flatten an arbitrarily nested sequence.

Inspired by: pd.core.common.flatten


line (sequence) – The sequence to flatten


This only flattens list, tuple, and dict sequences.



Return type:


panel.util.full_groupby(l, key=<function <lambda>>)[source]#

Groupby implementation which does not require a prior sort

panel.util.fullpath(path: AnyStr | PathLike) AnyStr | PathLike[source]#

Expanduser and then abspath for a given path

panel.util.function_name(func) str[source]#

Returns the name of a function (or its string repr)

panel.util.indexOf(obj, objs)[source]#

Returns the index of an object in a list of objects. Unlike the list.index method this function only checks for identity not equality.

panel.util.param_name(name: str) str[source]#

Removes the integer id from a Parameterized class name.

panel.util.param_reprs(parameterized, skip=None)[source]#

Returns a list of reprs for parameters on the parameterized object. Skips default and empty values.

panel.util.parse_query(query: str) dict[str, Any][source]#

Parses a url query string, e.g. ?a=1&b=2.1&c=string, converting numeric strings to int or float types.

panel.util.styler_update(styler, new_df)[source]#

Updates the todo items on a pandas Styler object to apply to a new DataFrame.

  • styler ( – Styler objects

  • new_df (pd.DataFrame) – New DataFrame to update the styler to do items



Return type:


panel.util.url_path(url: str) str[source]#

Strips the protocol and domain from a URL returning just the path.


Retrieve the value tuple as a tuple of datetime objects.

checks Module#

panel.util.checks.isIn(obj, objs)[source]#

Checks if the object is in the list of objects safely.

panel.util.checks.is_holoviews(obj: Any) bool[source]#

Whether the object is a HoloViews type that can be rendered.

panel.util.checks.is_parameterized(obj) bool[source]#

Whether an object is a Parameterized class or instance.

panel.util.checks.isdatetime(value) bool[source]#

Whether the array or scalar is recognized datetime type.

panel.util.checks.isfile(path: str) bool[source]#

Safe version of os.path.isfile robust to path length issues on Windows

parameters Module#

panel.util.parameters.edit_readonly(parameterized: Parameterized) Iterator[source]#

Temporarily set parameters on Parameterized object to readonly=False to allow editing them.


Extract references from a method or function that declares the references.


Returns the instance owning the supplied instancemethod or the class owning the supplied classmethod.

panel.util.parameters.recursive_parameterized(parameterized: Parameterized, objects=None) list[Parameterized][source]#

Recursively searches a Parameterized object for other Parmeterized objects.

warnings Module#

Inheritance diagram of panel.util.warnings
exception panel.util.warnings.PanelDeprecationWarning[source]#

Bases: DeprecationWarning

A Panel-specific DeprecationWarning subclass. Used to selectively filter Panel deprecations for unconditional display.


Exception.add_note(note) – add a note to the exception


Exception.with_traceback(tb) – set self.__traceback__ to tb and return self.

exception panel.util.warnings.PanelUserWarning[source]#

Bases: UserWarning

A Panel-specific UserWarning subclass. Used to selectively filter Panel warnings for unconditional display.


Exception.add_note(note) – add a note to the exception


Exception.with_traceback(tb) – set self.__traceback__ to tb and return self.

panel.util.warnings.find_stack_level() int[source]#

Find the first place in the stack that is not inside Panel and Param. Inspired by: pandas.util._exceptions.find_stack_level