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Save App to File#

This guide addresses how to export an app to a HTML or PNG file.

In case you don’t need an actual server or simply want to export a static snapshot of a panel app, you can use the save method, which allows exporting the app to a standalone HTML or PNG file.

By default, the HTML file generated will depend on loading JavaScript code for BokehJS from the online CDN repository, to reduce the file size. If you need to work in an air-gapped or no-network environment, you can declare that INLINE resources should be used instead of CDN:

from bokeh.resources import INLINE'test.html', resources=INLINE)

Additionally the save method also allows enabling the embed option, which, as explained above, will embed the apps state in the app or save the state to json files which you can ship alongside the exported HTML.

Finally, if a ‘png’ file extension is specified, the exported plot will be rendered as a PNG, which currently requires Selenium and PhantomJS to be installed:'test.png')