Find inspiration in the community forums, ask for help, help others, share your work, report issues, add feature requests, and contribute improvements.

Detailed discussions on Discourse#


Discourse is the place for detailed discussions around code. Here we can ask for help, find answers to other users’ questions, and showcase our work.

When asking questions, please include a Minimal, Reproducible Example if at all possible. It will make it much, much easier to help you.

Go to the HoloViz Discourse and sign up.

Click this link to introduce yourself to the community.

HoloViz Discourse

Quick chats on Discord#


Discord is the place for quick and live discussions.

Click this link to sign up.

Then introduce yourself in the introduce-yourself channel.

HoloViz Discourse

Bugs, Features, and Contributions on Github#


We can report bugs, ask for new features, and contribute improvements at

Before reporting bugs or asking for new features, please make sure they are not already in the Issues tracker.

Github Issues.

Create an account by following this guide.

Announcements and Showcases on Social Media#

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Community Resources at Awesome Panel#

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Panel is an open source, community-driven project. We are nothing without the community.

If you want to start contributing, check out the Contributing Guide. Thanks.

Panel is an Open Source, Community-driven project