Access the Bokeh Model#

This guide addresses how to access the underlying Bokeh model of Panel objects.

Since Panel is built on top of Bokeh, all Panel objects can easily be converted to a Bokeh model. The get_root method returns a model representing the contents of a Panel:

import panel as pn

model = pn.Column('# Some markdown').get_root()

By default this model will be associated with Bokeh’s curdoc(), so if you want to associate the model with some other Document ensure you supply it explicitly as the first argument. Once you have access to the underlying Bokeh model you can use all the usual Bokeh utilities such as components, file_html, or show

from bokeh.embed import components, file_html
from import show

script, html = components(model)

<div id="a0f6db9e-e703-4a36-85e9-4f19733463b2" data-root-id="p1002" style="display: contents;"></div>