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Allowing Guest Users#

Sometimes you will want to allow guest users to have access to certain endpoints of your application or grant them access to all applications without having to log in. For these cases you can make the authentication flow optional and guide them towards the login_endpoint only when they are accessing functionality that requires authentication.

Optional Authentication#

The simplest way to make authentication optional is to set the --oauth-optional on the commandline or when using pn.serve passing the oauth_optional keyword argument:

panel serve ... --oauth-optional

Panel will now let the user access all endpoints without being redirected to the authentication provider or local login page. If specific functionality in your application requires authentication you may then redirect the user to the login endpoint, e.g. by default you would redirect them to /login. As an example let’s take this app:

import panel as pn


pn.state.template.title = 'Optional Auth'

if pn.state.user == 'guest':
    button = pn.widgets.Button(name='Login').servable(target='header')

pn.Column(f'# Hello {pn.state.user}!', pn.state.user_info).servable()

Serving this app with panel serve ... --oauth-optional and then visiting the /app endpoint will show the following:

Optional Auth Application

After clicking the login link the user will be directed through the login flow.

Alternatively you can declare an authorize_callback as part of your application which will redirect a guest user should they attempt to access a restricted endpoint:

import panel as pn

def authorize(user_info, path):
    if user_info['user'] == 'guest' and path == '/admin':
        return '/login'
    return True

pn.extension(authorize_callback=authorize, template='material')

pn.state.template.title = 'Admin'

pn.Column(f'# Hello {pn.state.user}!', pn.state.user_info).servable()

Guest Endpoints#

If you only want to open up specific endpoints to guest users you may also provide --oauth-guest-endpoints, e.g. let’s say you have and On the commandline you can provide:

panel serve ... --oauth-guest-endpoints /app

This will allow users to access the /app endpoint as a guest but force them through the login flow if they attempt to access the /admin endpoint.