Hugging Face#

The guides below assumes you have already signed up and logged into your account at

Duplicate an existing space#

The easiest way to get started is to search, find and duplicate an existing space. A simple space to duplicate is MarcSkovMadsen/awesome-panel.

  • Follow the instructions to finish the duplication.

Once you have finalized the duplication you will need to take a look at the file in the new space to figure out what to replace.

Creating a new space from scratch#

You can deploy Panel to Hugging Face Spaces as a Custom Python Space. For a general introduction to Hugging Face Spaces see the Spaces Overview.

Go to Spaces and click the “Create New Space” button.

Fill out the form. Make sure to select the Gradio Space SDK.

A Gradio space will serve your app via the command python I.e. you cannot run panel serve ....

To work around this your will need to either

  • Use subprocess to run panel serve ... or

  • Use pn.serve to serve one or more functions.

The app also needs to run on a port given by the PORT environment variable.

Check out the example repository MarcSkovMadsen/awesome-panel for inspiration.

Git clone#

Optionally you can git clone your repository using

git clone