Binder allows you to create custom computing environments that can be shared and used by many remote users. MyBinder is a public, free hosting option, with limited compute and memory resources, which will allow you to deploy your simple app quickly and easily.

Here we will take you through the configuration to quickly set up a GitHub repository with notebooks containing Panel apps for deployment on As an example refer to the Clifford demo repository.

  1. Create a GitHub repository and add the notebook or script you want to serve (in the example repository this is the clifford.ipynb file)

  2. Add an environment.yml which declares a conda environment with the dependencies required to run the app (refer to the conda documentation to see how to declare your dependencies). Add jupyter_panel_proxy as a dependency by adding either conda-forge or pyviz to the channel list:

- pyviz

- jupyter-panel-proxy
  1. Go to, enter the URL of your GitHub repository and hit Launch

  2. will give you a link to the deployment, e.g. for the example app it is To visit the app simply append ?urlpath=/panel/clifford where you should replace clifford with the name of the notebook or script you are serving.