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import panel as pn

The FileSelector widget allows browsing the filesystem on the server and selecting one or more files in a directory.

For more information about listening to widget events and laying out widgets refer to the widgets user guide. Alternatively you can learn how to build GUIs by declaring parameters independently of any specific widgets in the param user guide. To express interactivity entirely using Javascript without the need for a Python server take a look at the links user guide.


For layout and styling related parameters see the customization user guide.


  • directory (str): The directory to browse (cannot access files above this directory).

  • file_pattern (str, default=’*’): A glob-like query expression to limit the displayed files.

  • only_files (bool, default=False): Whether to only allow selecting files.

  • refresh_period (int, default=None): If set to non-None value indicates how frequently to refresh the directory contents in milliseconds.

  • root_directory (str, default=None): If set to non-None value overrides directory parameter as the root directory beyond which users cannot navigate.

  • show_hidden (bool, default=False): Whether to show hidden files and directories (starting with a period).

  • value (list[str]): A list of file names.


  • name (str): The title of the widget

The FileSelector widget allows exploring the specified directory on the server’s filesystem and any directories contained within it. The widget consists of the navigation bar with a number of buttons and the address bar:

  • Back (): Goes to the previous directory

  • Forward (): Returns to the last directory after navigating back

  • Up (): Goes one directory up

  • Address bar: Display the directory to navigate to

  • Enter (): Navigates to the directory in the address bar

  • Reload (): Reloads the contents of the current directory

The actual file selector displays the contents of the current directory, to navigate to a subfolder click on a directory in the file selector and then hit the down arrow () in the navigation bar. Files and folders may be selected by selecting them in the browser on the left and moving them to the right with the arrow buttons:

files = pn.widgets.FileSelector('~')


To get the currently selected files simply access the value parameter:

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