Display Performance with Indicators#

Welcome to our tutorial on Panel’s indicators!

We will delve into the use of Indicators with an example that uses them to visualizes the key metrics of wind turbines in an engaging and insightful manner. The result will be this:

Windturbines Explorer

Visually explore a dataset of US Windturbines.

Explore Indicators#

In this tutorial, we’ll explore various indicators offered by Panel to showcase the performance metrics:

  • Current Performance: Utilize the Number indicator to display the current performance.

  • Trending Performance: Employ the Trend indicator to showcase the trending performance over time.

For a comprehensive list of indicators and their detailed reference guides, you can always refer to the Indicators Section in the Component Gallery.


Throughout this tutorial, whenever we refer to “run the code,” you can execute it directly in the Panel docs using the green run button, in a notebook cell, or within a file named app.py served with panel serve app.py --autoreload.

Display a Number#

Let’s start by displaying the wind speed using the Number indicator:

import panel as pn


    name="Wind Speed",
    format="{value} m/s",
    colors=[(10, "green"), (100, "red")],


Adding .servable() to the Number indicator incorporates it into the app served by panel serve app.py --autoreload. Note that it’s not necessary for displaying the indicator in a notebook.

Feel free to tweak the value from 8.6 to 11.4 and observe the color change to red.

Display a Trend#

Next, let’s visualize the hourly average wind speed trend:

import panel as pn
import numpy as np


def get_wind_speeds(n):
    # Replace this with your own wind speed data source
    return {"x": np.arange(n), "y": 8 + np.random.randn(n)}

    name="Wind Speed (m/s, hourly avg.)",

Experiment by adjusting the height parameter from 300 to 500.

For more detailed insights into the Trend indicator, take a moment to explore its reference guide. Trust us, it’s worth it!

Explore the Indicators#

Panel provides a large collection of indicators to suit your needs.

Click this link to explore the available indicators and their detailed reference guides.


In this tutorial, we have explored using Panel’s versatile indicators by creating a visualization of the performance metrics of wind turbines. We:

  • Leveraged the Number indicator to display current performance.

  • Utilized the Trend indicator to showcase trending performance over time.

Remember, there’s a collection of indicators waiting for you to explore in the Indicators Section of the Component Gallery. Keep experimenting and uncovering new insights! 🚀