Apply a Design#

This guide addresses how to select a design system to apply to the components to achieve a consistent design language.

Added in version 1.0.0: The design feature was added in 1.0.0 and is actively being developed and improved.

Applying different design systems in Panel can be achieved globally or per component. To select a design globally set it via the extension:

import panel as pn


Alternatively you can also explicitly import and set a design on the config:

from panel.theme import Material = Material

Any component that is rendered will now inherit this design. However, alternatively we can also set a design explicitly on a particular component, e.g.:

from panel.theme import Bootstrap, Material, Native

def create_components(design):
    return pn.Column(
        pn.widgets.FloatSlider(name='Slider', design=design),
        pn.widgets.TextInput(name='TextInput', design=design),
            name='Select', options=['Biology', 'Chemistry', 'Physics'], design=design
            name='Click me!', icon='hand-click', button_type='primary', design=design

    ('Bootstrap', create_components(Bootstrap)),
    ('Material', create_components(Material)),
    ('Native', create_components(Native)),