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Control Visibility#

This guide addresses how to control the visibility of a component.

All components provide a visible parameter which toggles a component’s visibility.

Let’s create three simple components with different colors. We’ll set the visibility parameter of the blue one to False:

import panel as pn

pn.extension() # for notebook

a = pn.pane.HTML(width=60, height=60, styles={'background': 'green'})
b = pn.pane.HTML(width=60, height=60, styles={'background': 'blue'}, visible=False)
c = pn.pane.HTML(width=60, height=60, styles={'background': 'red'})

layout = pn.Row(a, b, c)

In some cases, exposing control of component visibility within the user interface may come in handy. To achieve this, we can use the controls method on a component to create a widget that allows for the manipulation of the visibility parameter. For instance, after running the code cell, toggling the checkbox below will update the visibility of the blue b component above: