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Microsoft Azure#

Azure is popular choice for enterprises often in combination with an automated CI/CD pipeline via Azure DevOps. To get started you can use the Azure Portal to deploy your app as a Linux Web App via the web based user interface.

There are a few things you need to be aware of in order to be able to start your app.

Python Web Apps assumes your web app

  • is using gunicorn (like Flask or Django) or alternative is started by a python command. Thus

    • You cannot use panel serve ... as a Startup Command.

    • You can use python -m panel serve ... or python ... as a Startup command.

  • is served on address and port 8000

Thus you can use

python -m panel serve --address --port 8000

as a Startup command.

You might be able to use python as a Startup command with .show() or panel.serve inside your file, if you can configure the address, port and allow-websocket-origin in the file or via environment variables.

You also need to configure your app service general settings to

  • allow Web sockets and

  • be Always on

If you would like to setup automated CI/ CD via Azure DevOps, Azure Pipelines and Docker to a Web App for Containers, you can find a good starting point in the devops Folder of