Enable Throttling#

One of the simplest ways to avoid slowing down your application is simply to control how often events from the frontend trigger code execution in Python. Particularly when using sliders this can be a problem. To solve this issue sliders offer value_throttled parameters which are updated only when the user releases the slider unlike the value parameter which is updated continuously as the slider is dragged. If you are building apps using the reactive pn.bind function you can depend on the value_throttled parameter directly:

import panel as pn

def output(value):
    return value

slider = pn.widgets.IntSlider(end=10)
bound_output = pn.bind(output, slider.param.value_throttled)
pn.Row(slider, bound_output)

Alternatively, you can also ensure that all sliders only update on mouse release if you set pn.config.throttled = True.