Configuring a Panel server#

The Panel server can be launched either from the commandline (using panel serve) or programmatically (using panel.serve()). In this guide we will discover how to run and configure server instances using these two options.

The server#

The Bokeh server is built on Tornado, which handles all of the communication between the browser and the backend. Whenever a user accesses the app or dashboard in a browser a new session is created which executes the app code and creates a new Document containing the models served to the browser where they are rendered by BokehJS.

If you do not want to maintain your own web server and/or set up complex reverse proxies various cloud providers make it relatively simple to quickly deploy arbitrary apps on their system. See the deployment how-to guides for more details.

Launch from the commandline

Discover how to launch and configure a Panel application from the commandline.

Launch programmatically

Discover how to launch and configure a Panel application programmatically.

Serving multiple applications

Discover how-to launch and configure multiple applications on the same server.

Setting up a (reverse) proxy

Discover how-to configure a reverse proxy to scale your deployment.

Access via SSH

Discover how to access a Panel deployment running remotely via SSH.

Serving static files

Discover how to serve static files alongside your Panel application(s).