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import panel as pn


The Video Pane displays a video player given a local or remote video file. The widget also allows access and control over the player state including toggling of playing/paused and loop state, the current time, and the volume. Depending on the browser the video player supports mp4, webm, and ogg containers and a variety of codecs.


For layout and styling related parameters see the customization user guide.

  • name (str): The title of the widget

  • loop (boolean): Whether to loop when reaching the end of playback

  • object (string): Local file path or remote URL pointing to audio file

  • paused (boolean): Whether the player is paused

  • autoplay (boolean): When True, it specifies that the output will play automatically. In Chromium browsers this requires the user to click play once

  • muted (boolean): When True, it specifies that the output should be muted

  • throttle (int): How frequently to sample the current playback time in milliseconds

  • time (float): Current playback time in seconds

  • volume (int): Volume in the range 0-100

The Video Pane can be constructed with a URL pointing to a remote video file or a local video file (in which case the data is embedded).

video = pn.pane.Video('', width=640, height=360, loop=True)


The player can be controlled using its own widgets, as well as by using Python code as follows. To pause or unpause it in code, use the paused property:

#video.paused = False

The current player time can be read and set with the time variable (in seconds):


The volume may also be read and set:

video.volume = 50


The Video pane exposes a number of options which can be changed from both Python and Javascript try out the effect of these parameters interactively:

pn.Row(video.controls(jslink=True), video)
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