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Session State#

Session state was added to Streamlit as an after thought to enable sharing variables between re-runs and across apps inside a multipage app.

Panels execution model is very different and session state can be handled automatically by storing variables in the applications namespace.

Migration Steps#

  • Move your session state to the applications namespace, i.e. to variables defined in your application file.


Dynamic Layout Example#

Streamlit Dynamic Layout Example#

import random
from uuid import uuid4

import streamlit as st

st.session_state.setdefault("rows", {})

def create_row(hex_id=None):
    if hex_id is None:
        hex_id = uuid4().hex
        value = random.randint(0, 100)
        st.session_state.rows[hex_id] = value
        value = st.session_state.rows[hex_id]

    st.number_input("Enter a number", value=value, key=f"num_{hex_id}")

st.title("Dynamically add new rows")

button_cols = st.columns(2)
with button_cols[0]:
    add_row = st.button("Add new row", use_container_width=True)
with button_cols[1]:
    clear_rows = st.button("Clear all rows", use_container_width=True)

if clear_rows:
    st.session_state.rows = {}

for hex_id in st.session_state.rows.keys():

if add_row:

Streamlit Session State Example

With Streamlit you need session state to keep track of the dynamically created rows.

Panel Dynamic Layout Example#

import random

import panel as pn

pn.extension(sizing_mode="stretch_width", template='bootstrap')

def create_row(event):
    value = random.randint(0, 100)
    row = pn.widgets.TextInput(name="Enter a number", value=str(value))

rows = pn.Column()
add_row = pn.widgets.Button(name="Add new row", on_click=create_row)
clear_rows = pn.widgets.Button(name="Clear all rows", on_click=lambda event: rows.clear())

    "# Dynamically add new rows",
    pn.Row(add_row, clear_rows),

As the Panel script is only executed once per session the rows objects will keep track of your session state.

Panel Session State Example