This guide will help you get started contributing to Panel in the browser including panel convert.

Build pyodide wheels#

You can build the smaller wheels for Pyodide using

python scripts/build_pyodide_wheels.py

The wheels are saved to panel/dist/wheels You can confirm they have been build using ls.

$ ls panel/dist/wheels
bokeh-3.3.0-py3-none-any.whl  panel-1.3.1.post2+g2327be04-py3-none-any.whl

You can add an output path like . and the flag --no-deps after the first build to speed up the process when iterating.

python scripts/build_pyodide_wheels.py . --no-deps

Manual Testing#

You can convert and test Panel apps manually using the convert_apps function. You will have to use the arguments panel_version='local' and inline=True.

Create the files app.py and convert.py in the root of the project.


import panel as pn
button = pn.widgets.Button(name="Click Me!")
pn.Row(button, pn.bind(lambda c: c, button.param.clicks)).servable();


from pathlib import Path
from panel.io.convert import convert_apps

app_path = Path("app.py")

if __name__=="__main__":
        panel_version="local", # required for manual testing
        inline=True, # required for manual testing

To convert the app.py to app.html run

python convert.py

To test in the browser you will have to copy (or build) the .whl files to .

cp /home/jovyan/repos/private/panel/panel/dist/wheels/* .

Now you can run the http.server

python -m http.server

Finally you can open http://localhost:8000/app.html.

Panel WASM - manual testing of app

When you are done testing remember to delete your temporary files.

Automated tests#

You can add or update the pytests for panel convert in the panel/tests/ui/io/test_convert.py file.