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Panel works with Python 3.8 or later on Linux, Windows, and Mac.

The recommended way to install Panel is using the conda command that is included in the installation of Anaconda or Miniconda. Completing the installation for either Anaconda or Miniconda will also install Python.


To help you choose between Anaconda and Miniconda, review this page.


When you begin using conda, you already have a default environment named base. You don’t want to install programs into your base environment, though. Create separate environments to keep your programs isolated from each other.

If you choose not to install Anaconda or Miniconda, you can download Python directly from In this case, you can install Panel using pip, which comes with Python.

Installing Panel#

Open up a terminal and run the following command, which will install Panel with all its dependencies.

conda install panel
pip install panel

See also

If you intend to work with Panel in a non-Jupyter notebook environment such as VSCode have a quick at the relevant how-to section.

Next Steps#

Now that you have installed Panel, let’s build a simple application.