Migrate from Streamlit to Panel#

These guides addresses how to migrate from Streamlit to Panel.

Panel App Example

These guides can also be used as:

  • An alternative Introduction to Panel if you are already familiar with Streamlit.

  • A means of comparing Streamlit and Panel on a more detailed level, without going into some of the unique functionality that Panel provides.

Serve Apps

How to convert a Hello World application from Streamlit to Panel and serve it

Display Objects

How to display content with panes

Organize Components

How to organize components with layouts

Accept User Input

How to accept user input with widgets

Organize and Style

How to organize and style with templates

Show Activity

How to show activity with indicators

Add Interactivity

How to add interactivity with pn.bind.

Improve Performance

How to improve the performance with caching

Session State

How to store state for a session

Chat Interfaces

How to create create chat interfaces

Multi Page Apps

How to create multi page apps

We hope you will have fun with the Panel framework. If you have usage questions you can post them on Discourse. If you experience issues or have requests for features please post them on Github.

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