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Param Precedence#

import panel as pn
import param


This example demonstrates how to order and hide widgets by means of the precedence and display_threshold attributes.

Each Parameter object has a precedence attribute that is defined as follows in the documentation of param:

precedence is a value, usually in the range 0.0 to 1.0, that allows the order of Parameters in a class to be defined (for e.g. in GUI menus). A negative precedence indicates a parameter that should be hidden in e.g. GUI menus.

A Param pane has a display_threshold attribute defaulting to 0 and defined as follows:

Parameters with precedence below this value are not displayed.

The interactive example below helps to understand how the interplay between these two attributes affects the display of widgets.

The PrecedenceTutorial class emulates a dummy app whose display we want to control and that consists of three input parameters, x, y and z. These parameters will be displayed by panel with their associated default widgets. Additionally, the class declares the four parameters that will control the dummy app display: x_precedence, y_precedence and z_precedence and dummy_app_display_threshold.

class Precedence(param.Parameterized):

    # Parameters of the dummy app.
    x = param.Number(precedence=-1)
    y = param.Boolean(precedence=3)
    z = param.String(precedence=2)

    # Parameters of the control app.
    x_precedence = param.Number(default=x.precedence, bounds=(-10, 10), step=1)
    y_precedence = param.Number(default=y.precedence, bounds=(-10, 10), step=1)
    z_precedence = param.Number(default=z.precedence, bounds=(-10, 10), step=1)
    dummy_app_display_threshold = param.Number(default=1, bounds=(-10, 10), step=1)

    def __init__(self):
        # Building the dummy app as a Param pane in here so that its ``display_threshold``
        # parameter can be accessed and linked via @param.depends(...).
        self.dummy_app = pn.Param(
            parameters=["x", "y", "z"],
                "x": {"styles": {"background": "#fac400"}},
                "y": {"styles": {"background": "#07d900"}},
                "z": {"styles": {"background": "#00c0d9"}},

    # Linking the two apps here.
    @param.depends("dummy_app_display_threshold", "x_precedence", "y_precedence", "z_precedence", watch=True)
    def update_precedences_and_threshold(self):
        self.param.x.precedence = self.x_precedence
        self.param.y.precedence = self.y_precedence
        self.param.z.precedence = self.z_precedence
        self.dummy_app.display_threshold = self.dummy_app_display_threshold

precedence_model = Precedence()

# Building the control app as a Param pane too.
control_app = pn.Param(
    parameters=["x_precedence", "y_precedence", "z_precedence", "dummy_app_display_threshold"],
        "x_precedence": {"styles": {"background": "#fac400"}},
        "y_precedence": {"styles": {"background": "#07d900"}},
        "z_precedence": {"styles": {"background": "#00c0d9"}},

# Building the complete interactive example.
    "## Precedence Example",
    "Moving the sliders of the control app should update the display of the dummy app.",
        pn.Column("**Control app**", control_app),
        pn.Column("**Dummy app**", precedence_model.dummy_app)